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8 reasons why Pizza is healthy for you

There are two types of people in this world. One who categorizes pizza as a junk food and the ones who spend their entire life convincing others that pizza is a wholesome and balanced meal. Well, do you know why pizza is healthy?

Pizza, a combination of dough with sweet tomato sauce baked with mozzarella and some toppings. Is it a pie, a pizza or a pizza pie? Whatever it is! It is delicious and addictive. The whole world is grateful to Italy and the year 1700. If you want to know the origin of pizza be sure to read it at

Why you should make your own pizza?

Imagine not having to order pizza when you crave one because you are the master of making it yourself. While purchasing a pizza from an outlet, you have no or little control (say, toppings) over what’s put in them. Imagine eating pizza everyday, made all by yourself because you can make it with your choice of fresh and healthy ingredients. Check out how you can make your healthy homemade pizza. Making your own pizza gives you the freedom of what goes in the pizza and what stays out of it. From customizing your pizza with your choice of add-ons to making it healthy by smartly choosing the variety and quantity of your toppings, do I still need to convince you to start baking your own homemade pizza?

Whoever said pizza is a junk didn’t know how to make it healthy! I mean let’s do a homemade pizza postmortem. Considering the pizza base, let’s say if it is made from whole wheat flour or multigrain flour will the ones against pizza (LOL! Does someone like that even exist?) strike it off from the junks list? How can pizza sauce which is made from fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano not be healthy! Talking about the toppings which are either veggies full of fiber and nutrients or non-veg like chicken or meat packed with protein, any other delicious source of fiber and protein? Pizza haters will now argue for cheese! Now to a controlled portion cheese is the best combination of calcium and fat along with protein for the day. Now you say, can any other meal compete with this wholesome and balanced meal?

Why pizza is a healthy option for you?

1. Pizza toppings can be made healthy

Forget about ordering a plain Margarita pizza, if you want to enjoy a delicious guilt-free pizza, make your own pizza with some fresh veggies and lean proteins and turn it into a balanced meal. Your pizza can be healthy if you wish to make it healthy.

why pizza is healthy

2. Pizza can be a perfect choice for breakfast

It doesn’t matter at what time you eat a pizza. It can be a smart choice to have one slice of healthy pizza in the breakfast as it is a complete balance of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fats. This will keep you full until lunch and save you from bingeing the entire pizza pie later. However, this isn’t the healthiest breakfast option but a complete one in terms of nutrition. The presence of protein and fiber will further prevent the blood sugar levels to suddenly rise and fall abnormally like it would when you have a sugary bowl of cereals and dried fruits.

healthy pizza

3. Thin crust pizza is as healthy as having tortillas

If you consider tortillas/chapatis in the healthy food list why not pizza? A thin crust pizza made from whole wheat flour, multigrain flour or even grated cauliflower serves as the best option for a healthy pizza crust. A thin crust would have lesser calories and would have more balanced levels of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fats.

thin crust healthy pizza

4. Lycopene- an antioxidant found in tomatoes

Bright colored fruits and vegetables such as berries and tomatoes contain an antioxidant named “lycopene”. Pizza sauce and tomato toppings serves as the best source of this wonderful antioxidant. It is easier to absorbed lycopene from cooked or boiled tomatoes as compared to the fresh ones hence it is consumed by the people to lower blood pressure and curd high cholesterol rates.

why pizza is healthy

5. Pizza can be a good source of protein

Protein is considered the building blocks of every bodily needs. It is also necessary to have adequate amount of protein in the diet to build and repair muscles. It helps us in feeling full and satisfied for a long time and thus prevents us from bingeing. A smart choice of pizza toppings including lean protein could provide a huge percentage of proteins required by a body.

why pizza is healthy

6. Pizza can help improve bones

Cheese is a good source of calcium along with fats and protein. Calcium is necessary for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Adequate amount of calcium when taken daily prevents osteoporosis, a condition leading to weak and brittle bones. A light or low fat cheese should be the right choice to go into your pizza.

is pizza healthy

7. Pizza can be a good source of fiber

Fiber is necessary for body as it aids digestion and promotes stomach health by keeping it clean. Pizza topping such as greens and fresh veggies provides a good percentage of fiber required by the body. Pizza crust when made with whole wheat flour or multigrain flour further adds to the amount of fiber consumed.

pizza made healthy

8. Pizza can help you eat your greens

Don’t like eating your greens in the form of salad? Well, you can make it tastier by putting it on your pizza. The combination of crust, pizza sauce and cheese can give a whole new life to your vegetables. Veggies top the list of the healthiest topping for a pizza as they provide a complete balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

vegetable pizza

Don’t like eating your greens? Put them on your pizza! Your kids don’t drink a glass of milk everyday? Put some cheese on their pizza! Bored of eating whole wheat tortilla/ chapati with veggies? Put a pizza on top of it :p

Let’s make our own smart version of pizzas everyday!

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