Cookies without butter | No butter cookies recipe
My search for substitute of butter began when I came to know about the quantity of butter used in making cookies. Believe me, the soft crumbly texture which we all enjoy in cookies is solely because of the properties of …
8 reasons why Pizza is healthy for you
There are two types of people in this world. One who categorizes pizza as a junk food and the ones who spend their entire life convincing others that pizza is a wholesome and balanced meal. Well, do you know why …
What causes sugar cravings? 8 ways to beat sugar cravings
Having a sweet tooth is common, and so is the craving for sweets. Sugar is often considered unhealthy and it is associated with many chronic diseases. Do we actually know what are cravings and what are the reasons behind those? …
Craving for food and don’t feel like stopping?
Do you often find yourself craving for food? Most of us have a sweet tooth and often find ourselves craving for chocolates. We all love french fries and usually munch on deep fried salty snacks all the time, unless we …
How to stop cravings for unhealthy food
We all are seeking answers to "How to stop cravings" without knowing the actual reason why our body is responding this way. So, before digging into various ways on how to stop cravings, let's first understand what are cravings and …
Healthy Muffins without sugar and butter
Could you be anymore healthy? Recently bananas have become my go-to ingredient while baking. They are perfect replacement for butter in cakes and cookies and provide natural sweetness along with other nutrients. My second favorite is dark chocolate, packed with …
Homemade chocolate Ice cream without cream?
Want to know how to make homemade chocolate ice-cream without cream and yet retain the rich creamy texture? Well get ready, that secret ingredient is
Healthy frosting | Three Ingredients frosting?
Did you know how easy it is to make a healthy frosting for your desserts?No butter, no refined sugar and no cream required! All you need is just 3 basic ingredients to top your desserts with some delicious and healthy …
6 Healthy frostings | Easy to make | Is it possible?
Do you feel your dessert is incomplete without some frosting on it? These healthy frostings are easy to make and can be prepared in minutes.
Baking without butter | 8 Butter Substitutes for baking
There are various butter substitutes for baking that preserve the similar texture and flavor and are considered to be nutritional.
Baking without sugar | 5 Sugar substitutes for baking
Do you often find it hard to control and a piece isn't sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth? Sugar substitutes for baking come to the rescue!

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I Bake You!
I Bake You!

Hello! I am Mahita, a baking addict who loves to experiment with healthy alternative ingredients together with a pinch of love.

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