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6 Healthy frostings | Easy to make | Is it possible?

Do you feel a cake is incomplete without some frosting on it? Do you often have that guilty pleasure while eating that frosting made from butter and refined sugar? Well, rather than relying on refined white sugars, butter, and artificial food colors, one can incorporate healthy frosting substitutes that are really nutritious without having to compromise on delicious taste. These healthy frostings are made from easily available home ingredients and could be prepared in minutes.

1. Yogurt

A beaten yogurt with a healthy natural sweetener and fruits of your choice do wonders as it is packed with protein, calcium, and other nutrients. It also preserves the creamy taste along with it.

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2. Cream cheese

Wait wait wait! Do you actually know what cream cheese is? Curdle out some fresh cottage cheese (Paneer) by adding some lemon juice in boiling milk and blend the curdled cottage cheese with a pinch of salt and a healthy natural sweetener. That’s it! You have the most creamy frosting ever. Cottage cheese is the healthiest option when it comes to frostings. Check out the detailed recipe.

healthy frostings

3. Peanut butter/ Nut butter frosting

Peanuts or any other kind of nuts are full of nutrients especially protein and good fats. These work as the best replacements for ordinary butter.

healthy frostings

4. Fruit Jam

Mixed fruit jam or any jam of your choice work wonders especially when you are craving some jelly on top. However, keep in mind that you use jam-free of any added sugar. Whole fruit jams can be easily made from apples, bananas, sweet limes, and fruits of your choice without adding any refined sugar as these fruits are already full of natural sugars.

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5. Natural colors

Cocoa powder, Beetroot juice, blueberry puree, or turmeric are the best natural food colors that add nutrients and make your baked good presentable.

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6. Milk Powder as healthy frosting?

Simply mixing the milk powder (milk solids) with some milk or yogurt and blending it till smooth and fluffy adds a white chocolate taste to your product. You won’t feel a need to add any extra sweetness. It is easily spreadable and can also be used to decorate as it sets on freezing.

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Are you ready to switch to healthy frostings? Do you have some healthy frosting ideas too?

Share your opinions and experiences with these healthy frosting ideas and let us know which one is your favorite of all.

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Check out our health blog for more such substitutes of butter, sugar, creams and mind blowing food facts.

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