Chocolate Croissant
French delicacy

Chocolate Croissants | Step wise with images

Croissant is a layered pastry known for it’s crescent shape. It is made from a yeast-leavened dough and layers separated with butter. There are various methods of making and shaping them. Folding the dough with a slab of butter at the center is the traditional one. Usually people find it difficult to follow this traditional method as it requires time and patience to freeze the dough repeatedly to prevent the dough from leaking butter while rolling it. Chocolate croissants never disappoint and the end result is worth the wait.

Do you also feel this buttery-flaky and mouth watering chocolate croissants are a big headache when it comes to making one? Not anymore! I’m sharing the easiest way you can make-bake this french delicacy and store it for weeks to satiate your cravings for a long time.


For the croissants-

  1. 250 gm all purpose flour
  2. 10 gm dry activated yeast
  3. 10 gm sugar
  4. 15 gm butter (at room temperature)
  5. 5 gm salt
  6. 70-100 ml milk

For the filling of chocolate croissants-

  1. Any chocolate bar of your choice
  2. 25-30 gm butter (for greasing layers)


Preparation of the croissants dough

  1. Mix together dry activated yeast with 3-4 tbsp of lukewarm milk and sugar.
  2. Keep it covered and let it stand for 10-15 minutes or until you see some bubbles popping. This is an important step as it checks if the yeast is activated. If no bubbles are seen, that means your yeast has expired or is not of good quality, hence should be discarded.
  3. In a bowl rub flour and butter together. Add salt.
  4. Add the yeast mixture together with some milk and knead a loose dough.
  5. Keep the bowl covered with a damp cloth or plastic film and leave it undisturbed in a warm place for 45-60 min.

Preparing pastry sheets

  1. When the dough is almost double in size, knead it lightly and divide it into 15-20 equal parts.
  2. Roll each part into thin sheets using some dry flour so that it spreads evenly.
  3. Now, place a sheet on a plate and grease the top with some butter and sprinkle some dry flour, add another sheet and grease the top with some butter and sprinkle some dry flour. Repeat the process until you have used all the sheets and you are left with a stack of sheets layered with butter and flour.
  4. Freeze it for 20-25 minutes. This prevents the butter from melting and makes it easy to roll later.
  5. Now, roll the pile of sheets into a thick sheet (about 1 inch in breadth). You will clearly see the layers you made before.

Shaping the pastry sheets

  1. Cut the thick sheet like a pizza so that you have around 6-8 pizza triangles.
chocolate croissants
  1. Give a cut at the center of the circular side, place a section of chocolate bar at the center and roll the triangle to obtain a croissant shape. You can shape the croissant as per your choice too, like rectangular rolls etc.
chocolate croissants
chocolate croissants
  1. Put the prepared croissants in a refrigerator to prevent the butter and chocolate from melting. You can bake it when ever you want to consume it fresh.
  2. Preheat the oven at 220° C and prepare a baking tray by spraying butter/oil.
  3. Brush the top of your croissants with some milk. This gives it a golden brown color while baking.
  4. Bake them for 20-25 minutes or until they come out crisp and flaky.

Tadaaa! Believe me these will turn out to be the love of your life. It’s buttery, flaky, crispy and the melted chocolate, when you dig into the center, is the most heavenly part. Give it a try!

chocolate croissants
Straight out of the oven
Look at the center!

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