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healthy chocolate fudge

Healthy Chocolate Fudge | No bake recipe

If you are craving badly for something chocolaty, this healthy chocolate fudge recipe is for you. All you need is few healthy ingredients, a blender, and some cravings

basic muffins recipe

Basic muffins recipe | One batter infinite muffins

Recently I realized that I have been making perfect muffins from the same batter over and over again just by changing it’s flavor and add-ons. How easy right? This basic muffins recipe is the master of all. Let’s call it the master muffin recipe. This base batter is easy to make and you can flavor …

best homemade chocolate brownies

Best Homemade Chocolate Brownies

The best homemade chocolate brownies with the richness of chocolate, crispy tops and edges and a gooey center with chocolate chips spread all along. I was always in search of a perfect brownie recipe since a very long time. Every time I ate one at the cafes, I wondered if I could ever make them …

best chocolate cake

Best chocolate cake | Moist with yogurt

Want some extra moist chocolate cake? A cake with chunks of chocolate in each bite, a cake so spongy and moist that it disappears in your mouth satisfying your soul to the core. No No… these are not big words, it was exactly my feeling after my experiment with a basic chocolate cake recipe to …

fluffy pancake

Fluffy pancake recipe | As light as a sponge

Anything having “cake” in the title is simply irresistible and so is this fluffy pancake recipe. Easy to make, this instant pancake recipe will beat your craving for sweets. One of the convincing reasons why you should probably make a pancake right now is that you don’t need an oven/microwave! All you need is a …

coconut muffins

Coconut muffins | Eggless | Healthy & easy to make

Last week I tried my hands on experimenting with my lovely muffins. Mumma was shredding some coconuts in the food processor and the aroma of dried coconuts just carried my senses to next level. I have always been a muffin person and we usually have muffins every week with family, the only thing that differs …

Cakes Healthy Substitutes

Healthy Muffins without sugar and butter

Could you be anymore healthy? Recently bananas have become my go-to ingredient while baking. They are perfect replacement for butter in cakes and cookies and provide natural sweetness along with other nutrients. My second favorite is dark chocolate, packed with goodness it is the best when it is used alongside bananas. The powerful combination of …


Simple plum cake recipe with the goodness of dried fruits

Christmas isn’t near or is it? Well, who looks at the occasion when it comes to baking a cake. Traditional Christmas plum cake recipe is rich in plum and other dried fruits baked altogether with rum. But what if you don’t want to use rum? Of course there are substitutes to rum and cooking jaggery/molasses …

Banana Muffin

Banana Muffins Recipe | Healthy | Eggless

There are many fruits which are in the list of baking ingredients but bananas make it to the top of it. Bananas are powerhouse of nutrition and leaves a natural flavor to the delicacies. Apart from flavor, bananas adds natural sweetness and moistness, thus making it easy for the baker to reduce the amount of …

Zebra Cake

Marble Cake Recipe | Pretty zebra cake

Zebra cake is a pretty swirled vanilla and chocolate layered cake. It is also known as marble cake due to the swirly marble texture once baked.

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