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Honey Oatmeal bread

Honey oatmeal Bread | Softest bread ever

When it comes to bread, I love the loaf that comes straight from the oven. Usually, I bake buns instead of loaf as they are handy and can be eaten right from the oven without slicing. I love the loaf that is full of nutrition and that delivers the goodness of healthy grains. When it …

banana bread

Banana bread recipe | Moist & Tender | Easy to make

Doesn’t banana make you go bananas ? Bananas taste the best when fresh, but are you wondering how can you use those stale and overripe bananas which have some dark spots on it? Well, baking comes to save your bananas. This banana bread recipe will give you the most tender and aromatic banana bread which …

pizza recipe

Homemade pizza recipe | Pizza base, pizza sauce & toppings

Ever wondered what did the pizza maker put into your pizza that gave birth to your addiction towards it? Is it the secret pizza recipe? An intense desire for pizza that makes you eat more and more every time you promise a last slice to yourself. What is the magic ingredient, it is the heavenly …


Homemade bread recipe | Bake like a baker

Do you feel baking a bread is a big task? How many of us dream to bake a bread and eat it right from the oven? That warm aroma of the freshly baked bread is enough to compensate for the duration you waited impatiently for it to turn out soft and fluffy. The pleasure you …

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