Chocolate banana cookies

Banana cookies with chocolate baked with love

Banana and chocolates, two of the most loved ingredients used in baking. Imagine what wonders they will do when used together in baking everyone’s all time favorite cookies! Munch on these free of guilt because there is a healthy way to cut calories from butter and sugar. The wonder ingredients are already in front of …


Simple plum cake recipe with the goodness of dried fruits

Christmas isn’t near or is it? Well, who looks at the occasion when it comes to baking a cake. Traditional Christmas plum cake recipe is rich in plum and other dried fruits baked altogether with rum. But what if you don’t want to use rum? Of course there are substitutes to rum and cooking jaggery/molasses …


Homemade bread recipe | Bake like a baker

Do you feel baking a bread is a big task? How many of us dream to bake a bread and eat it right from the oven? That warm aroma of the freshly baked bread is enough to compensate for the duration you waited impatiently for it to turn out soft and fluffy. The pleasure you …

chocolate ice cream
Healthy Substitutes Icecream

Homemade chocolate Ice cream without cream?

Want to know how to make homemade chocolate ice-cream without cream and yet retain the rich creamy texture? Well get ready, that secret ingredient is

lemon tart
French delicacy

Lemon tart Recipe | The zest is yet to come

Ever had a lemon tart made all by yourself? Ever experienced that gush when the custard lemon filling takes up most of the room in your mouth with the crumbly-sweet pastry? The combination of slight tangy lemons with the sweet creamy custard together with a crumbly pastry is what makes this lemon tart recipe a …

healthy frosting
Healthy Substitutes

Healthy frosting | Three Ingredients frosting?

Did you know how easy it is to make a healthy frosting for your desserts?No butter, no refined sugar and no cream required! All you need is just 3 basic ingredients to top your desserts with some delicious and healthy frosting that you won’t regret later. When staying healthy is easy why should you choose …


Digestive Biscuits Recipe | Homemade

Are you looking for a perfect tea time healthy snack? Voila! you have made the right choice. Digestive biscuits made with whole wheat flour together with butter and sugar have the most nutty flavor. This is due to the whole wheat flour used in the recipe in contrast to all purpose flour usually used in …

Banana Muffin

Banana Muffins Recipe | Healthy | Eggless

There are many fruits which are in the list of baking ingredients but bananas make it to the top of it. Bananas are powerhouse of nutrition and leaves a natural flavor to the delicacies. Apart from flavor, bananas adds natural sweetness and moistness, thus making it easy for the baker to reduce the amount of …

Chocolate Croissant
French delicacy

Chocolate Croissants | Step wise with images

Croissant is a layered pastry known for it’s crescent shape. It is made from a yeast-leavened dough and layers separated with butter. There are various methods of making and shaping them. Folding the dough with a slab of butter at the center is the traditional one. Usually people find it difficult to follow this traditional …

Zebra Cake

Marble Cake Recipe | Pretty zebra cake

Zebra cake is a pretty swirled vanilla and chocolate layered cake. It is also known as marble cake due to the swirly marble texture once baked.

Healthy Substitutes

6 Healthy frostings | Easy to make | Is it possible?

Do you feel your dessert is incomplete without some frosting on it? These healthy frostings are easy to make and can be prepared in minutes.

Healthy Substitutes

Baking without butter | 8 Butter Substitutes for baking

There are various butter substitutes for baking that preserve the similar texture and flavor and are considered to be nutritional.

Healthy Substitutes

Baking without sugar | 5 Sugar substitutes for baking

Do you often find it hard to control and a piece isn’t sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth? Sugar substitutes for baking come to the rescue!

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