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Craving for food and don’t feel like stopping?

Do you often find yourself craving for food? Most of us have a sweet tooth and often find ourselves craving for chocolates. We all love french fries and usually munch on deep fried salty snacks all the time, unless we are on diet. Right? At times we all wish for the possible existence of food with zero calories so that we can binge on without guilt and fear of calories. Do we actually know what are cravings and why do we crave food? The main question still remains “What is our craving trying to tell us?”

Why do we find ourselves craving for food?

We all are well aware of the theory that believes there is a reason behind everything in this world. Be it the reason behind why we met somebody at a point in our life or the reason behind why we couldn’t get that job. But do you know, there may be several reasons behind why you tried to reach out for that dessert kept in the refrigerator last night. 

Cravings for food are linked with the deficiency of a particular nutrient in your body at the time you experience them. Our body send signals to our brain when it finds itself deficient of any nutrient asking it to fulfill it’s demand for those vitals. But does this mean that if you crave for chocolate and oily salty food all day, Is your body deficient of those? No! Not all the time. Sometimes cravings are confused with other signals like those of dehydration. So, how to interpret the signal without error? It’s simple! Next time when you crave for something, reach out for a glass of water. It will wash away all your unwanted cravings for food along with confusion. 

What is being talked about here is the deficiency of important nutrients in the body. Our body use craving as a mechanism to signal our brain to fulfill it’s need for that particular nutrient to function properly. 

Is it always nutritional deficiency when craving for food?

1. Sodium deficiency

Sodium is necessary for maintaining fluid balance in the body. A deficiency of sodium or low blood sodium levels may lead to cravings for oily food high in salt. However, studies show that being deficient of sodium is rare, in fact cases of body high in sodium is quite common. The higher the level of sodium in your body, the more your body develops a preference for food high in sodium. In conclusion, we can’t always interpret a craving for salty and oily foods as a signal for sodium deficiency. So, first reach out for a glass of water. 

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2. Magnesium deficiency

Similarly, craving for chocolate maybe your body’s way of telling your brain that you are deficient of magnesium. To fulfill the need of magnesium, your body signals the brain to crave for chocolate. And here you find yourself scrutinizing your refrigerator for some leftover chocolates or ice-cream. However, this may not always be the case of magnesium deficiency, so now you know what is the first step you should take when you crave next time. Yes! A glass of water. 

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3. Calcium & Iron deficiency

Do you find yourself craving for cheese or dairy products? What about meat and chicken? This could mean you are deficient of calcium or iron. It could also mean that you are consuming less protein based diet than your body needs. 

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4. Mental peace deficiency

Sometimes, even after having a glass of water your cravings remain unaffected. This is because there are other reasons involved. This could be lack of proper sleep, high stress levels and emotional pain. However these are easy to identify. 

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Confused? Did you get more confuse after knowing that there may be several reasons involved behind your cravings and there isn’t a particular solution to it. 

Bottom-line: Track your sleep, take care of your mental and physical health, eat a balanced diet everyday and see how your cravings vanish. And yes! Don’t forget a glass of water is your savior.

Don’t forget to do your research on healthy replacements for refined sugar, butter, frostings and all the other unhealthy food you crave for.

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