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Everything in this world can be baked with the right amount of ingredients and a pinch of love.

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The art of baking dates back to the neolithic times, when stones were used to grind grains and the flour was mixed with water and poured onto hot rocks to make flatbread like substance. One day, someone forgot a piece of dough by the rocks. Grabbing the opportunity to enjoy it’s first freedom, the dough met some wild yeasts who were rejoicing in the open. The dough found it to be fun and joined the gang. Few days later, when it was found and poured onto the hot rock, the flatbread wasn’t flat anymore. A sourdough bread was born! Ancient people then realized, they could save a little of today’s dough and enjoy tomorrow’s bread.

In fact, “Beer is liquid bread,” Miller said. “They have the same ingredients — water, grain, yeast — just in different proportions.”

The discovery, that fermented grains produced a kind of yeast that could be harvested and stored to make consistent bread which gave rise to the baking industry. Someone in search of flavor experimented adding honey and dried fruits to the dough and the most irresistible bread was born – The Cake!

Now that we know the origin of basic delicacies, let’s experiment with the basic baking ingredients and discover healthy recipes.

Our Favorite Recipes | I Bake You

Baking Made Healthy

Do you remember the guilty pleasure from having that piece of cake last time?

Well, not anymore! Say b-bye to the guilt and retain the pleasure.

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I Bake You!
I Bake You!

Hello! I am Mahita, a baking addict who loves to experiment with healthy alternative ingredients together with a pinch of love.

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